Living & Eating Creatively

Saucy Media

A New Web Series

Cooking tasty, colorful receipes. 


Saucy Media brings to you the most exciting food, seasonal cultural customs, including original experiences, receipes and cooking tips, including how to videos, and decorating videos and photos from all cultures, genres around the world..

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With unique creativity, seasonal ingredients, and exquisite display of food per your theme. You’ll have a great selection of cuisine to be accompanied by some refreshing wines and farm fresh fruits and veggies, from local farms and wineries.

Saucy Media's Events & Catering

We offer our banquet and catering customers an easy and enjoyable experience, with the assurance of fresh and delicious food that will be presented in a professional manner.

Creative and dependable banquet and catering services, for on-premise private dining or off-premise events.


  • Corporate Events & Social Gatherings 
  • Film: Craft Services
  • Cocktail Parties & Theme Parties
  • Wedding Receptions & Rehearsal Dinners
  • Business Lunches & Social Events -
  • Expert Food & Wine Pairings
  • Picnic Lunch & BBQ Catering

The Food  Seasonal menus, utilizing only the freshest ingredients.

With our signature chef's in the kitchen, We'll have unprecedented skill and experience behind our menu’s. Bugets are flexible depending on your needs for your event or production and depending on how ellaborate and decorative you’d like the meal and or presentaion.

The Service  We have the ability to serve meals with wine service, unbotteling and pouring for your event.  Meals are coupled per your event needs with a wine of choice.. We are passionate living healthy, creatively, as well as passionate about the culinary industry.

We can create a meal for a group or guide you to prepare a meal for that special someone for a meal in for the night.. Any way we can help, contact us for more insight and a free 40 min consultaion.